Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Ultrainvitations.com takes every precaution to protect our users' information both online and offline. We have developed the following policy to explain our dedication to the customer's privacy and to ensure that customers have easy access to information about our data collection and dissemination practices. By visiting Ultrainvitations.com  are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

Also paying customer we retain the copyright to the design, and will publish online to showcase our designs. If you see your invitation design online and do not want it online please contact us to remove your photo with in 1 month. We usually post new design 2-4 months after you order to the website. We normally blur out personal information, such as address, phone ect... Design that DO NOT have photos are not blurred out. If you see something that you dont like on the website that relates to your personal invitations please contact us ASAP to remove and change/ delete it. We can change the name, blur out or replace photo. We may also add our logo over the design to hide personal information. We are not responsible/ liable after the 1 month mark for any issues that may arise from posting an invitation online.

If you request changes to the design and it becomes a new design out of our original design, this does not mean that you own the design. Our intellectual property of the original design stays with Ultrainvitations.com. May not be transferred to a customer because a customer decides to add feathers ect... We retain ownership of the design and any design that may be developed with the designer.


Customer Information We Collect Online

When you visit Ultrainvitations.com our web server will automatically recognize your domain name, but will not gain automatic access to any other individually identifying customer information, including your e-mail address. With the exception of this single automatic process, the only information we collect about you is that which you volunteer either when placing an order, or entering a contest or other promotion. On each of these occasions, you may have the opportunity to provide us with your personal contact information (i.e., name, address, e-mail), as well as your name, birth date, email address etc. Additionally, when you place an order with us, you may volunteer your credit card billing information and e-mail address to us or PayPal, so that we may process your order payment.

Images that are submited must be property of the USER. The user must be the person who took the photo or has retain ownership of the rights of the photo. RIGHTS may be written or verbal by photographer. USER assumes all legal/civil/media responsibility that may arise from any issues of the PHOTO/S INFO submitted. We have the right to refuse service to images/info which we believe are unlawful or pornographic in any manner whatsoever.

How We Protect Customers

Ultrainvitations.com you place an order you are directed to the PayPal website. YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO MAKE PAYMENT. You can add your credit card information on their website. Your payment will be transmitted to use. We use Paypal because of their secure payment processing that they provide. When you enter your info, it is secured by Secure Socket Layer (128-bit SSL) technology for the areas of our site where you are asked for shipping and billing information that is personally identifiable. SSL technology transmits your information safely because it is encrypted. Furthermore, when one of our customers places an order they will be notified by e-mail. That e-mail will contain details of their order plus a unique Shopper ID but minus the credit card number. The credit card number is never sent to us or anyone via e-mail. Credit card information is always handled using an SSL secure browser and the Shopper ID number from this site.

If you choose to pay through PayPal, rather than through our merchant account, please also see PayPal's Privacy Policy regarding information obtained by them to process your payment for orders placed with EventPhotoCards.com

"Refer-A-Friend" Service. A visitor can choose to electronically refer a friend to our site. The user must provide their email address, as well as that of the recipient. This information is used only in the case of transmission errors and, of course, to let the recipient know who sent the message. The information is not used for any other purpose, unless it registers the sender and/or recipient in a contest.

What Information We May Share With Others

We do not trade, sell, or provide your personal information to third parties, unless you have specifically agreed to allow third parties to have any personal information about you.

Contests and Sweepstakes: At times Ultrainvitations.com offers contests and sweepstakes in which we request certain personal information. At a minimum, the required information includes an email address; in some cases, the user must answer mandatory survey questions about a range of other personal data. The information gathered in the entry form is used to verify the entrant's identity, to send the entrant an email notification that their entry has been received, and to contact winners and/or prize recipients. There are two situations in which Ultra Invitations will divulge this information to a third party--provided the user gives express consent:

*A user may expressly choose to receive additional information from the contest sponsor, in which case the user's personally identifiable information is divulged to the advertiser. *Some of the contests may be hosted on the Event Photo Cards site but administered by the sponsor; in such cases, the information a user provides is passed on to the third party as long as that user gives express consent.

Because the rules and terms of each contest can vary, all information about each contest is clearly posted during the event. All contests and sweepstakes are conducted in full accordance with United States federal and state laws.
When you submit your information for a free sample of a digital design, we have the right to use it as an example on our website and print sample. This is even if you don't even purchase a order. We invested time in your free samples, as a result we need to recuperated back some of our investment. If you believe this would be an issue please do not submit your info in the free digital design section.
Opt-in Email Newsletters: Ultra Invitations may offer free email newsletters to users. When users subscribe to a Ultra Invitations newsletter, they are given the opportunity to opt in, or join, announcement lists. If users choose to opt in for an announcement list, they will receive email newsletters from third parties on topics selected by the users. Users may have their email addresses removed from the opt-in announcement lists at any time by following the instructions printed in the email newsletters.

Our Mailing List: Removing or Making Corrections to Your Personal Information By contacting us through e-mail, you may also choose to remove your name from our own customer list, which we use to send customers notices of upcoming promotions and other hard-copy and e-mail information. So long as you choose to remain on our mailing list, however, we provide you with the ability to update, correct or change your personal information by contacting us by e-mail at customerservice@ultrainvitations.com


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