How does this work?

•First, choose your favorite design. Check out and be sure to completely fill out the order form requesting your personalized card information. Once we receive your order along with your photos, you should receive an e-mail proof within 1 business day (excluding weekends).

• If you decide to cancel your order after we work on it, you will be charged a design invitation fee, of $17.99 and/or thank you card design fee $10.00. We will make any corrections or changes as needed.

Please allow 24 hours for any changes or updates.

• If photos are bigger than 3MB or you have trouble uploading you can email photo to us directly. We will ask for them later. Pleases send the photos that you will be using, make sure these are the ones you want. If during the design process you exchange a photo that needs a background removal, there is a $5.00 fee. NO EXCEPTIONS.

• Please make sure you are clear about wording, paragraphs, punctuations, spelling, as this needs to be sent when you place an order. We know that you may forget something, so we can make any changes you request before your third proof. If you manage to forget something or change your mind there is a $5 fee for extra changes after your two free proofs.

My photo is blurry/ grainy, can you fix it?

Unfortunately, we cannot correct blurry photo/s. Once submitted and approved, the order is printed and cannot be reprinted for blurry or grainy issues. Please do not send images taken with a phone, or in dim light. Make sure your image is 600KB or above to avoid blurry issues. We have kids too, so if this is all you have, that is fine. We just need to warn you that it will not be sharp on the prints.  

When can I expect to receive my invitations?

For Prints: We recommend allowing at least two weeks to recieve your invitations. You can expect a proof to review within 1-2 days (excluding weekends). Changes can take up to a day. Once approved, our printing process generally takes 1-2 business days. This often depends on how many approvals we have at once as we try to gather a certain number of approvals so we can print and ship them in groups. All orders are shipped priority mail and usually takes 2-4 business days depending on your location.

If you are in a hurry or need your invitations as soon as possible, we recommend ordering our DIY digital option in which you can receive a file you can have printed and picked up at a local Walmart, Walgreens, or print center of your choice.

For Digital: Digital orders can be printed as soon as they are email. We always email a printable proof. You have the option of printing  at a lab or at home. Please let us know when you get the proof, so that we can set up a PDF or JPG. The most economical version is to print at a lab such as Walgreen ($0.15 per print) and pick up in an hour after you upload their site.


Cancellation and Return Policy

If you decide to cancel your order: If you decide to cancel your order after we work on it, you will be charged a design invitation fee, of $25 and/or thank you card design fee $10.00. If we have not started on your order, we will provide a full refund. "Started on your order" means that we sent you a proof to the email on your account. (even if it is in your SPAM folder). This applies to digital and printed orders.

If you decide to return your order: You may only return your order if there is an error on our part. We will reprint and ship your order ASAP. If the order you receive is the one that you approved and see a mistake, it cannot be returned since the proof was approved. Please take the time to look and review your proof to have it exactly as you want it.

I did not get my order in the mail, can I get my money back?

You will be provided a tracking number, that will let you know where your package is. If for some reason your package is lost in the mail, we will reprint and ship order. We can also send your order to be picked up at a local walgreens, sams, fed ex kinkos with in one day. We CANNOT offer a refund, since our designs are custom made.

We do not ship international orders ONLY US. Please use digital services. From the time you finalize your proof and submit payment in full, it will take approximately 4-5 business days for your order to arrive. We encourage you to place your order well in advance of the event. Keep in mind, we do not have ultimate control over our shipping vendors and delivery times are NOT guaranteed. If you have time limitations, please utilize our digital-design only service. We do not provide refunds for late packages. Again, please order in plenty of time prior to your event.

I submitted a change/order, why are you taking so long to send a proof?
Once you submit an order it can take 1-2 business days (depeding on the amount of orders we have). Once you received a proof, and need to make a correction, addition, or removal it can take up to a day (sometimes 2 days, but very rarely). We receive hundreds of emails, so if you do not get a proof/change in 2 days please email us at customerservice@ultrainvitations,com so we can track your order. There are times where we send a proof, but our email might be stuck in your spam folder. (or you gave us the wrong email address.) Lastly, please send all your changes in one email, or you will be charged per email change. We get several emails a day, and cannot dig for all your email changes.

Can you Rush/Expedite my Order?
We only do "Rush" service on Digital Delivery DIY in which you will receive a proof in 24 HRS or less. (excluding weekends). Now if you order prints, we cannot offer this service of proof in less thank 24 HRS. The same time frame as all print orders will be the same. You can upgrade to Express (1-2 day delivery) once the order has been approved and printed.

What if I have a problem with my order once I've received it?

Please contact us. Be sure to include your order ID number in the subject line. If the error was made by UltraInvitations.com AFTER the proofing process was completed, we will reprint and ship your cards ASAP. We do not offer free reprints or refunds for errors that were present but not caught during the proofing process.

Is there a minimum order?
Yes, we ask that you order a minimum of 25 cards. (2 free proofs) For custom designs, there is a minimum of 40 cards. If you are ordering the DIY Print My own option there is no min. just add "1" to the basket. (with this option you are paying a one time $17.99 creation fee only)

What type of paper are the cards printed on?
You can choose between standard high-quality professional photo paper glossy or matte paper . Matte Cardstock in 100lb Cover for 5x7 and tickets only

What are my options for getting the photograph to you?
You can upload it to us your digital photographs, scan a traditional photograph or send a traditional photograph or negative via postal mail. If you are sending us a photograph or negative, we will not be held liable for misdirected or damaged mail. Once we are complete with your photo, it will be returned to you with your order. The photos you submit to us, must have the right to be reproduced. This means that you or the photographer, gives Ultrainvitations.com the right to print them. By submitting the photos, you are held liable for any copyright violations. You can also send it via our facebook page.

What resolution should my digital photo be?
We recommend no smaller than 1800x1200. If the photo is scanned, you need to be sure that it is scanned at a minimum of 300dpi with 600dpi being preferred. If there is any question as to whether your chosen photograph(s) will work, we will evaluate it for you at no charge prior to working on youprint. Please do not send us any cell phone photos, or photos that you grabbed from a social network. (example Facebook, Myspace ect..) The best way to tell if your photos are good to use, is by placing your cursor over the image. If the image size is 300k or more than we are able to use it. If it is 1MB or bigger much better. This basically means the file is bigger and clearer. We will let you know beforehand, but if you still decide to use the blurry photo, we are not responsible for this.

Do I need to edit my photographs before sending them?
No, we have the capability of cropping, correcting red-eye, touching up blemishes, and converting to both sepia-tone and black and white. For the best results, we prefer to receive the unaltered original photos.

Can I use a professionally taken photograph?
Yes, with written consent of the photographer or photographing agency. They will have a form that can be forwarded to us granting us permission to use the images. An e-mailed release is not acceptable. If you or your photographer are in need of a release form, please e-mail us at jasminmejia@ultrainvitations.com.  We are not liable for any legal issues that my arise from usage of the photo you submit. All liabilty is transferred over to the user who submit image.

Are envelopes included with my order?
Yes, they are included at no additional cost for print orders. Not digital

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and money orders.







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