Planning a Graduation invitation

High School Graduation Invitations
You finally made it after so much hard work. Now it is time for the graduation annoucements and a party is well deserve.  If you are undecided about were to throw the product well here are someoptions:

  • an open house with a few people
  • an open house with a hundred people
  • a party in the daytime
  • a party in the evening
  • a celebration on the week-end
  • a celebration during the week
  • you can have it at home, in a park, on a beach, in a hall, in a restaurant, or even on a boat

Be unique Â

You can easily decorate your event with a short trip to the dollar store. All you need is some creativity. There are several printable kits on the web for paper goods. It can also be a combination of a personal theme or hobby. For example lets say you are into zebra pattern then you can combine a graduation theme with the zebra. If you are a male and like horse, we can add  some roughness to the invite.Â

One way to save is to throw the party together with fellow grads, this will be able to keep the cost low on the reception hall, food, cake and  anything esle. Okay so you will have to share the spotlight but it can be lonely and expensive at the top.Â

High School Graduation Invitation

High School Graduation Invitation

High School Graduation Invitations