Minnie Vip Pass Invitations with Lanyard Concert Backstage pass

Celebrate with Minnie mouse with this unique VIP backstage pass invite! An invitation to please any little girl’s heart.

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Minnie Mouse Zebra Pink Glitter Invitations Photo Birthday Personalized Invites

Minnie Mouse Zebra Invitations

Minnie Mouse Zebra Invitations


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You can find polka dots, zebra, pink zebra, stripes, and much more design related to minnie mouse…

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Zebra Minnie Mouse minnie mouse photo invitations-1st 2nd birthday Couture

Pink Zebra Minnie Mouse Photo invitation

Minnie Mouse became a favorite of my 4 year old, so I added some new designs to the website.  The new designs are very posh and modern yet they still keep that childlike design. The colors of minnie which tend to be black, white, red or pink are great for a zebra theme minnie party. It will look stylish and your little girl will love it.

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You can also print these at home if you select DIY Print your own