Taking Better Photos

Submit your photos , we can apply the changes above at no charge.

Tips For  Photos

1. Pick a room in your home with lots of natural light, preferably near a window. If you don’t have a large window you can take your baby outside in a shadowed area like under the tree and take amazing photos.

2. Set your camera to the highest resolution possible. Email size will not work NO CELL PHONE/ EMAIL PHOTOS PLEASE

3. Drape a white or black sheet or blanket as the backdrop. Pick fun colors also just no patterns as they are distracting.

4. Dress your child in something solid with no patterns.

5. Take LOTS of photos! With digital cameras, you can’t take too many photos!

6. Leave lots of room around your child’s photos – this will enable us to crop and make adjustments as necessary.

7. Do not use flash, your camera has a setting to eliminate flash. Natural lighting is always better


Take photos of your child in the park with their favorite toy.

Play with them while you take the photos. This will  ensure you capture the true emotions of your child.

Do not let your child know that you are taking pictures because they will shy away.

Instead pull the camera to the side. Talk  about the grass, flowers whatever you want, just make it FUN. The when your child is laughing and smiling all of the sudden shout their name!  Then with your camera in hand SHOOT!

Take photos under the shade or tree, this are the best quality for photoshoots. (also early morning or late afternoon)

If you are taking photos of a child above 4 years of age, have a fun conversation with him/her. Then when they are all relaxed… SHOOT!