DIY- Walmart

Thank you for purchasing a digital file.

Please  save the file from your
email to your desktop.

(Right Click > Save As)
Below are some detailed instructions on  how to upload your file.

First register an account with Walmart
photo lab

This is the Walmart Photo Lab website

Once you log in upload your photo and
add it to the Walmart Album 

First click order prints. (Red Arrow) It
will be sent to the Photo Cart. Please click on Photo Cart (Pink Arrow)

You will be taken to the ordering page.
You will need to add the quantity in the quantity box. (Pink Arrow) If you
ordered a 4×6 format and decide to order a 5×7 on the walmart website, it will
not come out right. You will have to contact us to reformat  it as a 5×7.
($5.00 fee) You may also do this yourself if you are familiar with a graphics
program. Now proceed to check out. (Red Arrow)

Find the location in your area, by
providing a zip code or adress (then/or press continue)

Now choose to pay at the store. Please
review before you take them from the store

Now confirm the details and submit your