Submiting Photos

Tips ForĀ  Photos

1. Pick a room in your home with lots of natural light, preferably near a window. If you don’t have a large window you can take your baby outside in a shadowed area like under the tree and take amazing photos.

2. Set your camera to the highest resolution possible. Email size will not work

3. Drape a white or black sheet or blanket as the backdrop. Pick fun colors also just no patterns as they are distracting.

4. Dress your child in something solid with no patterns.

5. Take LOTS of photos! With digital cameras, you can’t take too many photos!

6. Leave lots of room around your child’s photos – this will enable us to crop and make adjustments as necessary.

7. Do not use flash, your camera has a setting to eliminate flash. Natural lighting is always be

8. Please make sure that your child photo is at least 1200X1200 in size. One way to find out how big your child photo is by placing your computer cursor over the file. Once you do this you should see File Type, Date Taken, Dimension ect… Okay look at the dimension if they are lower than 1200×1200 it will not work for background removal.