FREE Printables for Teacher Back to School (Wrapper, Labels, Circle)


As a busy mom of 2  juggling 20 things at once, you need quick and easy.  I made them really simple, so you can grab something and label it. And their free too! Something special to give to teachers start off the new year. Our educators spend so much time with our kids, and nowadays are pressured even more by the Common Core demanded by school districts.  As parents we need to show them how appreciated they are. The files are opened in Adobe Reader and are not editable. Print them on cardstock for the candy bag toppers and 2 inch circles. The wrappers and water labels can be printed on regular paper or glossy paper. Check out my gift! I bought a tumbler drink holder and added chocolate  candy inside. Also some Hershey’s bars with candy wrapper label made them so much sweeter!

 Download Back to School Teacher Labels Here