Uploading to Walgreen’s (For DIY customers)


Submiting Photos

Tips For  Photos

1. Pick a room in your home with lots of natural light, preferably near a window. If you don’t have a large window you can take your baby outside in a shadowed area like under the tree and take amazing photos.

2. Set your camera to the highest resolution possible. Email size will not work

3. Drape a white or black sheet or blanket as the backdrop. Pick fun colors also just no patterns as they are distracting.

4. Dress your child in something solid with no patterns.

5. Take LOTS of photos! With digital cameras, you can’t take too many photos!

6. Leave lots of room around your child’s photos – this will enable us to crop and make adjustments as necessary.

7. Do not use flash, your camera has a setting to eliminate flash. Natural lighting is always be

8. Please make sure that your child photo is at least 1200X1200 in size. One way to find out how big your child photo is by placing your computer cursor over the file. Once you do this you should see File Type, Date Taken, Dimension ect… Okay look at the dimension if they are lower than 1200×1200 it will not work for background removal.


I need envelopes? (DIY Print My Own)

HTML clipboard Envelopes are provided for orders that we print and ship out ONLY.

If you are  ordering DIY Print My Own there are no envelopes included in your order. You  must  purchase those separately.

We recommend that you go to a local office shop (FedEx Kinkos) or a Craft store (Micheal’s)

Also Target does have some colored envelopes.


Is this part of Walgreen, Walmart?

No we are an independent company from any photo lab that you pick up your prints. We only make the design for you.


How does DIY (Print your Own) work?

If you are interested or have purchased DIY invitation then you must select a location where you want to pick up your prints. We only upload to the following

Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, or Target. Please make sure you give us the correct address of the photo lab (just in case there is more than one in your area)

If at the time we try to upload we get a “Temporary Unavailable” Message from the photo lab online, we will notify you and try to upload again the following day or at another location.

You must approve the proof before we upload to the local photo lab. Pickup orders received before 5pm ET are generally available for pickup the same day (usually within 2 – 3 hours of placing your order). Orders received after 5pm will be processed and ready for pickup the next morning. Your order will be located in the store’s photo lab. It will be under my name “Jasmin Mejia” or your name. I will send you a receipt with the details of  the order. Same day service is not guaranteed and you order may be delayed if the store has a high volume of orders in the photo lab, or if they are having problems with their equipment. Your order may also be delayed if you requested changes.


What type of Paper?

Matte Paper: This is photo paper with a matte finish. It is not glossy but just as enough shine to look great.  This is great for announcements  invitations, & thank you cards. Matte Finish is available for 4×6 and 5×7 sizes. It cannot be printed in the back. Printed on Fuji Crystal Professional Paper. Will include white envelopes. (Colors Envelopes additional charge $.50 each)

Glossy Paper: This is photo paper with a glossy finish. It has extreme shine and gloss  This is great for invitations, announcements , & thank you cards. Glossy Finish is available for 4×6 only. It cannot be printed in the back. This paper shiny finish tends to leave fingerprints on the paper. Printed on Fuji Crystal Professional Paper. Will include white envelopes. (Colors Envelopes additional charge $.50 each)



Shipping is a Flat Rate of $9.99 (Priority Shipping)

Express Service add $18.00

If you are ordering a DIY (Print my Own)  there is no shipping charge.

Walmart, Walgreen, & CVS Pick up ( Free of charge)


Do I have to register?

Yes it is better to track your order, call you, and have your shipping information in our database. We do not collect your financial information, this is done through Paypal. Paypal is the safest way to pay online.

We do not have access to your password, so if you loose your password, please click here and it will be sent to you.


Can I make payment over the phone?

Yes, we can take credit card payments over the phone. Please register and start a new order at www.ultrainvitations.com

When you get to the Paypal payment call use at 866-334-4246

Office Hours are

(Mon – Fri 1pm to 5pm ET, Saturday & Sunday – Closed)

You can email me anytime as I tend to work late. customerservice@ultrainvitations.com


How much font is too much?

We recommend that you place less wording on your invitation if you are ordering a 4×6. If you must have extreme wording , we suggest that you upgrade to a 5×7. Also take into consideration that cursive wording does look good for name and headings, it might not look as good for wording and party details.

We can send a font chart of fonts you can choose from should you wish to change any from the default.