Circus Clown Invitation Ticket


Circus birthday invitation

If your child likes carnivals and clowns, he or she will enjoy having a circus birthday party! Ready for the circus, popcorn, clown, and balloons?  This invitation can be personalized with your information. We have added a ticket style edition as well. The above style can be printed on photo paper, and cardstock.  (Disney characters are printed on photo paper only) The invitations can be for a first birthday party or an adult party.These  circus invitations are sure to be a hit!!

Here is an idea for decorations

Your backyard is the perfect place to host your circus birthday party. Make sure you have lots of balloons for circus carnival party theme.  Have colorful paper streamers hanging all over your backyard. Hang 1 or 2 giant clown mylar balloons in the area.

You can also make a “carnival tent”: stick a pole in the middle of the yard and drape a sheet over the top. Pull the ends out and attach them to trees or fences.

Use clown and circus animal posters for circus party decorations. Place stuffed animals and clown dolls all over the area. Distribute items used in a circus, such as hoops, nets, batons, and so on, throughout your backyard.

If the weather doesn’t cooperate and you have to entertain indoors – don’t worry. You can have a festive atmosphere inside your house with tons of colorful streamers and balloons.