New Minnie Mouse Invite!


An adorable new design featuring Minnie Mouse next to your child’s photo! Disney characters are a classic in any child’s heart (and those of us who are young at heart.) Also available matching address label!

To view our Mickey Mouse Club invitations go to




New 2010 Mickey Mouse And Gang Collection



 We just added new and updated design to the mickey mouse collection. The design are fun and mostly have the color scheme of the mickey mouse party decor. Remember we can change the colors around for you,

if you need us to. Also if you want only want photo instead of four, no problem.
Here is the link to the our Mickey Mouse invitations 


Moderne Prince Photo Birthday Invitations


Thank you Cards added this month


Many of my customers, have been asking about matching thank you cards or just thank you cards in general. This coming month I will be adding more designs to the character collections. I am really excited, as I have so many designs that I have stored in my computer. 

We know h0w important gratitude  is, mainly for our party guest. Whether it be by their presence of thoughtful gifts. In a time where we are in a fast pace world where we have few limited time for ourselves, by them taking the time to attend is something to the thankful for.  The other day I walked over to the stationery section of a Walgreen’s store, and was amazed of all the fun greeting cards out there. Guys, have you seen the “sound” cards? OMG, me and my daughter were there for about an hour and we had a blast. The price ranged from $5,99-9,99 each.  Well for a more personalized card, we suggest a thank you card with the matching theme. Here are some suggestions:

1) Take some photos of your child at the party. Example with cake or just blowing a candle.

2) Take photos of the child with all the gifts from the guests. (or your little one opening the gifts)

3) Avoid Poses and take candid photos.

Receiving thank you photocards, with a personalized photo and maybe a small poem, will make your guests feel SO SO special. I know it has made my day to received a card from a friend or relative. Gratitude is just good karma. You have to be thankful to your guests for taking the time out of their lives to enjoy this grand event in your child life.


BBQ, Pool Party & Summer Nights


New designs are in! Pool Party! Summer Nights and BBQ Invitations are here…

These invitations are here to set the tone to the celebration. Remember that we add BBQ art to your design at no extra charge. Any character invitation can have a bbq element added to them.

These fun invitations are very Unique and will stand out from the rest!


Super Hero Invitations Batman, Superman, Spiderman


Super Heroes Invitation Ticket

We have all your superhero invitations here ! Is your little man Spiderman, Superman, or Batman? Then these invitations will be a hit at the party for sure.  Dress him up in his favorite character and he will will have a blast. These birthday invitations will set off the theme for your super hero. Matching thank you cards are available per request.


Backyardigans Photo Invitations


Here are her Backyardigans Photo Theme Invitations which can be customized for your needs. The invitations do have a matching Backyardigans thank you card that can be purchased as well.  If you need the Backyardigans Invitation without a photo, this can be arranged as well.


Baby Einstein Little Einstein ARE HERE




We have just finished the new collection, of Baby Einstein and we are excited to show you all of the birthday invitations design. Matching thank you cards are available. If you have a specific color theme in mind let us know and we can make the changes for you.


Barney the Dinosaur Invitation


Are you having a Barney Theme invitation? Dinosaur? We have some very unique designs for your little one. These personalized birthday invitations for Barney, then come and check us out.

Barney birthday invitationbarney birthday photo invitation


Dora the explorer Birthday Invitations


We have updated our dora the explorer invitations. Diego can be added to any design, so don’t hesistate to ask. If you need matching thank you cards, we do have a matching design for each design. Dora the Explorer Invitations can be made without photo too.

Dora Birthday Invitations