Thank you Cards added this month


Many of my customers, have been asking about matching thank you cards or just thank you cards in general. This coming month I will be adding more designs to the character collections. I am really excited, as I have so many designs that I have stored in my computer. 

We know h0w important gratitude  is, mainly for our party guest. Whether it be by their presence of thoughtful gifts. In a time where we are in a fast pace world where we have few limited time for ourselves, by them taking the time to attend is something to the thankful for.  The other day I walked over to the stationery section of a Walgreen’s store, and was amazed of all the fun greeting cards out there. Guys, have you seen the “sound” cards? OMG, me and my daughter were there for about an hour and we had a blast. The price ranged from $5,99-9,99 each.  Well for a more personalized card, we suggest a thank you card with the matching theme. Here are some suggestions:

1) Take some photos of your child at the party. Example with cake or just blowing a candle.

2) Take photos of the child with all the gifts from the guests. (or your little one opening the gifts)

3) Avoid Poses and take candid photos.

Receiving thank you photocards, with a personalized photo and maybe a small poem, will make your guests feel SO SO special. I know it has made my day to received a card from a friend or relative. Gratitude is just good karma. You have to be thankful to your guests for taking the time out of their lives to enjoy this grand event in your child life.


We Print VS. You Print



We print and ship. $1.25-2.00 each (quantity
discounts applied
Hassle Free order
If you are limited on time, and your schedule is crazy! (Like mines) then leave
ALL the work up to us. You simply place the order, and we send proof, print,
Envelopes are included.
Average time frame of all this is 2 weeks. If you need Next Day shipping it will
add $20.00 shipping to the shipping charges you already paid. Also our min order
is 30 prints. (Next Day is after proofing, printing and packaging)

We design you Print $25.00 design fee only
If you have time and want to save money, this option is for you.
We make the design and you print at a local lab.
It takes 2-4 business days to receive a proof.
Need your order quicker? No problem, you can skip line for $10.00 extra.
This 24 HR service will deliver a proof in 24HRS or less.
Great for busy parents, that needs their children’s invitations ASAP.
(We are closed on weekends, but I do work some weekends.)
Once you received the proof, and there are no corrections needed, you can upload
for free to your local photo lab. Here is a tutorial for Walmart, but you can
choose ANY LAB.

or we can upload for you for a fee of $3.00.

Please note that no envelopes are included in this
You can ask the photo lab technicians, and they might be able to give you
envelopes. (during the holiday season)
You can also get envelopes at Target or Fed Ex. (also paper stores in your area)
Sizes are
A6 – 4×6 invitations
A7- 5×7 invitations

Okay, this is how to get it started:
Look through the website and please note the design name or Product code
For example:
This design

You will write:
Product Code: FUN814
Pool Side Dora Explorer

Now go to

You can only order digital design through this link.

Edit* It is now even easier to order digital! Simply select option when ordering your design for DIY print your own. :)


New Abby Caddaby Designs (By Popular Demand)


Abby Caddaby Photo Invitation

We’ll they are finally here!! I know many of you guys have been asking for Abby Caddaby….
I will be updating many of my designs this month, so stay tuned for more.
These can be used for birthday invitations, thank you cards, ect….
We also do party favors so just ask guys!
Many of you have been asking:
Can you add Elmo? YES
Can you add Cookie Monster?YES
Yes I can add most characters, just ask to confirm.

Abby Caddaby Photo Invitation